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Cite this article as: li Xue,Wang Yi-Wen,Zhang Hao-Xing,Wang Ke-Dong. Low-energy electron elastic scattering study of BeCl2 molecule [J]. J. At. Mol. Phys.(原子与分子物理学报), 2020, 37: 81 (in Chinese)
Low-energy electron elastic scattering study of BeCl2 molecule
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Key Words   Potential form resonance  Elastic scattering cross section  Differential scattering cross section  R-matrix
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
li Xue Henan Normal University cherishlxue@163.com 
Wang Yi-Wen Henan Normal University 1445737874@qq.com 
Zhang Hao-Xing Henan Normal University 369688496@qq.com 
Wang Ke-Dong Henan Normal University wangkd@htu.cn 
    In this paper, Ab initio scattering calculations for low-energy electron collisions with BeCl2 molecule have been carried out. The calculations were performed with R-matrix method in the static exchange (SE), static exchange plus polarization (SEP) and close coupling (CC) models for electron energies ranging from 0 to 10eV. We found one shape resonance state with B2u symmetry and the other one with B3u symmetry in each electron scattering model. We discuss the changes of these resonance states with the polarization effect, and obtain the convergence cross section and resonance state results. The differential scattering cross section (DCS) and momentum transfer cross section (MTCS) of electrons collision with BeCl2 molecule were first calculated by using the POLYDCS program. Current research results will provide important cross-sectional data for astrophysics and plasma physics.

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