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Interdisciplinary Subject with Atomic and Molecular Physics Contents   Vol.37, No.4, 2020      

Theoretical study of point defective behaviors for intermetallic B2-AgMg--Hao Zhi-Qiang, Li Hui, Yao Jian-Gang and Yin Deng-Feng [73]

Study on the mechanical performance and microstructure of FeCoCrCuNi high-entropy alloy with crack and void by molecular dynamics simulations--Dong Bin, Wang Xue-Mei and Zhu Zi-Liang [74]

Electronic structures and optical properties of La-doped TiO2 (101) surface from first-principles--Li Dong-Xiang, Li Rui-Qin, Luo Yuan-Zheng and Yan Wan-Jun [97]

First-principles study of La doping and vacancy on the magnetism and optical properties of ZnS--Fu Si-Nian, Li Cong and Zheng You-Jin [89]

First-principles calculations of the photoelectric properties of Al doped Mg2Ge--Yao Qiu-Yuan, Xie Quan, Zhou Lu-Yu, Yu Hong and Hou Liang-Liang [72]

The First Principle Study on the Structures, Mechanical Properties and Electronic Structures of Ti-V Alloys--Liu Xiao-Rui, Chen Fang-Fang, Cheng Chao, Wang Xun, Sun Jia-Xing and Liu Yan-Xia [107]

Light trapping structure with omni-directional light management capability--Zhang Wen-Jie, Wang Jun, Wang Yan-Zhou, Wu Zong-Hao and Li Ya-Li [83]

Atomic and Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy

Localized states due to interchain coupling in conjugated polymers--Qiu Yu [104]

Structure and conformation of hydrophilic polyzwitterion brushes--Ma Chao, Zhao Yin-Jun and Zhou QI [91]

Molecular structure and properties of C4F7N under the external electric field--Li Ya-sha, Zhou Xiao, Sun Lin-Xiang, Zhang Xiao-Bin, Meng Fan-Qiang and Mei Yi-Ming [80]

H2S CH4 and CO2 adsorption on Fe-MoS2 monolayer DFT study--Liu Jian-Yi, Chen Yi-Zhao, Xie Yang, Yuan Hua and Liu Miao [96]

The Theoretical Calculation of the Maximum Value of Potential at the Interface of Hexadecane-Water Emulsion--Yang Fang-Yuan, Wu Hao, Zhu Yuan-Zhe, WuMaiEr Zulyhumaer and Yu Shu-Jin [70]

First-principles study of O2 and H2O adsorbed on ZnO (101 ̅0) surface--Zhang Hai-Feng, Lu Shi-Xiang, Xu Wen-Guo and Zhang Xiu-Hui [84]

Cell Membrane Instability Caused by Detergent Monomers--Wang Ping,Sheng Jie,Lei Yi-Teng,Ma Bei-Bei,Zhu Tao and Jiang Zhong-Ying [84]

Cluster and Nanostructure

Density functional theory study of the geometrical structures of MN@H2O(M=Ga, Ge, In, Sn, Sb; N=M, Al) clusters--Lei Jia-Le, Shi Shun-Ping, Zhang Jin-Yu, Wang Tian-Ke, Ma Lei and Yan Min [98]

Some characteristic behavior of the Blume-Capel model on nanotube with the exchange interaction between the nearest neighbor atoms--Li Xiao-Jie, Wang Miao-Miao and Li Zhao [76]

Mechanical stability and thermal properties of the transition junction between carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons--Tian Chuan, Zhang Hong-Gang, Hu Song, Wang Hui, Chen Yuan-Zheng, Wang Hong-Yan and Ni Yu-Xiang [109]

Investigation of structures and properties of two-dimensional α1 borophene adsorbed with alkaline earth metal atoms and clusters--Han Jian-Wei,Bian Wei-Yue,Liu Jin,Xu Hao,Zhang Meng,Wang Xiao and Luo You-Hua [75]

Plasmas and Atomic and Molecular Collisions
Atomic and Molecular Physics under Extreme Condition
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
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