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Atomic and Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy Contents   Vol.36, No.3, 2019      

Theoretical research on the stabilization of gabapentin by inclusion of α-, β -cyclodextrin--yanglixiang,Li Daixi,Luan Hansen,Guo Baiseng,Wei Dongqing and Wang Hao [41]

Effect of Sulfate Ions on Oil Detachment from Calcite Surface--xin jing [16]

Theoretical investigation for the reaction of N2O and CO catalyzed by Si-CNT--Tong Yongchun,Wang Qingyun,Yan Penji,Li Zhen and Yu Libo [19]

Theoretical study on the structure and property of copper-benzene complexes--LIU Jing, LENG Yan-Li, Wang Huan-Jiang, Mu Hong-Mei, Zhang Rong-Fang and Zhang Jian-Hui [15]

Molecular design of energetic bicyclo-HMX derivatives: Insights from density functional theory--zhao guo zheng,Fan Jianmin,Yang Dongfang,Fan Rongrong and Lu Ming [19]

3D-QSAR and Molecular Docking of 4-hydroxyamino α-pyranone Carboxamide Analogues--Tong Jian-Bo,qin shangshang,lei shan and wang yang [13]

icMRCI+Q study on spectroscopic properties of the X2Πg and A2Πu states of the Cl2+ cation--xingwei and Sun Jin−Feng [25]

Study on molecular structure change and micro-mechanism of electrical aging of XLPE dielectric materials under external electric fields--liyasha, huaxu, Dai Ya-Ping, LIU Zhi-Peng and WANG Cheng-Jiang [13]

Density Functional Theory study for the Coordination Behavior between 3-Amino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole and Hg(Ⅱ)--和芹, Wang Lei and SHU Shi-Li [10]

Cluster and Nanostructure
Plasmas and Atomic and Molecular Collisions
Atomic and Molecular Physics under Extreme Condition
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
Interdisciplinary Subject with Atomic and Molecular Physics

Study on the nonlinear characteristics of discharge process of electrode materials of activated carbon supercapacitor--yangbaoliang, yangwenyao and YANG Ya-Jie [10]

Characteristic analysis of Al doped ZnO films prepared by RF magnetron sputter method--Sun Yan-Qing, LOUBenZHuo and HUANG Chao-Jun [21]

First-principles investigations of mechanical and thermal properties of Ti 3 (Ge1-xSix)C2 solid solutions--Li ya meng, Jin wen yuan and Jiao zhao yong [27]

First-principles calculations for the mechanical properties of In-Y intermetallic compounds--Yali He,Junlong Wang,Xiuru Liu,Qijun Liu,Linji Zhang,Zhu He and Bin Tang [18]

Modulation effect of monolayer h-BN on InSe and the electronic properties of this new structure--xiezifeng,zhangzhihui,lihe,zhengdan and duanli [26]

First-principle Study Mechanical and Thermodynamic Properties of Ni3Al1-xVx(x=0-0.4)--LI Qiang,WANG Haibo,WANG Zhenling,YU Yucheng,MA Lan,YANG Cheng and LI Ling [15]

Spheroidal crystal morphology of β-HMX under one-component solvent system using molecular dynamics--Chen Fang and Zhou Tao [16]

First-principles study of monolayer MoS2 with Na, Be and Mg doping--伏春平, HUANG Hao and SUN Ling-Tao [11]

Research of diluted crystal field on magnetization property of Blume-Capel model on nanotube--lixiaojie, WANG Miao-Miao and CHEN Wen-Long [17]

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